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“If they ever did file an application, I’d be the first one at the town-hall door to accept it,” he said.

One would be forgiven to think that Daryl Hall was only married once.

His first marriage was such a long time ago, he may not even really remember it himself. It is surprising that the Daryl and Sara never married or even had children together.

“I saw these two guys individually and collectively trying to make their way through the world.People are upset that now the town — which is already struggling with high taxes — has to hire a lawyer to fight this case.” They add, “We don’t want this to become the Hamptons or ‘Celebrityville.’ ” Kenneth Stenger, town special counsel, told us: “There’s not anyone I know in Dutchess County who is not incredibly proud and respectful that [the] venue is in Pawling,” and added the town wants to work with Hall.Stenger also said the town’s baffled by the claim that it is trying to strong-arm Hall, saying the town is not even aware Hall made an application to open the new outdoor venue.Still, for all he describes himself as a “collaborative” musician, Daryl shows little interest in collaborating with John Oates, the songwriting partner with whom he sold 80 million albums, making them the biggest-selling duo in history.He describes himself as “running three careers at once”, namely Live From Daryl’s House, the solo career (his latest album Laughing Down Crying is out tomorrow) “and I’m still doing the occasional tour with John Oates”.

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