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It proclaims itself as ‘the largest and most effective site for [...] seniors’ and we’d be inclined to agree.With a huge membership base of educated, successful mature singles over 50, it’s the number one place to meet, chat and date.As the site's tagline states: "you don't have to be alone." The first thing that...Senior Friend is part of the massive Friend Finder network of sites, so you’d imagine they’d know a thing or two about online dating.

When Matchmaker first started the internet as we know it didn’t even exist – it was first born as a command-line bulletin board system, where users could dial in, log on, and submit information for a “computer match”. In the modern day, however, things are much more high-tech, but the site remains still very easy to use.

If you’re a guy, your requirements are slightly higher: You must make at least 0k per year.

Any less than that, and just forget about it right now. Most sites usually have a good bit more male members than female, meaning women get overrun, and guys have to fight just to communicate with a girl. Let’s just put it this way: There are far less men making over 0k per year that are looking for a girl to spoil than there are young, hot women wanting a rich guy to date and buy them things.

But by registering you are able to access restricted “free member” features. Maybe they understand that many who are affluent didn’t get there by spending it all!

Who knows, but memberships are only per month, and you can purchase an entire year for less than per month ( for a year).

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